ABOUT US here in Deer Park Texas
Mission Statement:

Provide Great Products and Services at Great Prices.

Let me tell you what that means to me, before going into this business I decided to give my customers what I wanted from an Air Conditioning Company. All my decisions were based on that. I have looked at purchasing 2 seperate locations for my business on Center street, here in Deer Park. But I couldn't honestly do that and still provide you with great pricing. You see, all the costs of owning a building on Center Street would have to be passed on to you my customer. I decided my customers would rather have great pricing than buy me a building. 

  I decided to sell great products, not just the brand name . There are great products produced by major manufacturers that don't carry the manufacturer's name and added expense! 

  I decided to work with the people I've known for years. If I don't know and trust them, they won't represent my company.

  I work in the field, you will see me on all installations!
We were created to fill a great need in the market:
Great products installed by a great licensed company at reasonable prices.
You don't have to pay the extra markup required to support a large building and office staff.

We've been in the industry 28 years.
Owner has lived in Deer Park over 29 years.
We are Licensed by the State of Texas.
We carry a 1 million dollar business liability policy.
We carry business use insurance on our vehicles.

Winner 2013 Readers Choice Award!
Deer Park Broadcaster & Pasadena Citizen!